3 TV shows to improve your English!

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Getting the grip on #English requires a lot of effort admittedly. Studying hard, applying grammar rules and advanced structures in speaking, implementing colloquial phrases when appropriate, learn a bunch of irregularities by heart and the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, don't neglect learning English the fun way. That's when TV series and shows come in handy.

Watching your favourite #show can get you hooked on listening and comprehending English in a passive and cozy way. It is reported by thousands of students of all ages that passive learning sticks with them and after a number of times they've heard a previously unknown word or phrase, they take it in subconsciously.

Not only its efficiency is what gets learners hooked but also the show itself. The plot, characters, the setting or even the genre is what makes them desire to watch yet another episode leading to even more exposure to English. Besides, don't you agree that the popularity of a programme is also a strong motive for people to start watching a show, independently on whether it would be their personal choice or not?

So here are my top TV programmes to help you improve your English:

1. Saturday Night Live, NBC

Saturday Night Live, #snl , is a popular american TV Show, weekly on NBC. If to make a brief description of the show one would say it is hilarious, contemporary and clever. It comprises live comedy sketches lasting about an hour without commercial breaks. Audiences around the world are anticipating next week's show to enjoy the cast's take on current political issues, impressions of famous personalities and genuine comedy on various topics. Besides, every week the show is hosted by a different prominent actor or singer opening the show and delivering a funny monologue.

Regarding learning English , here is what you get:

  • Colloquial phrases and idioms

  • Sketches involve a lot of motion by nature so understanding the dialogues is relatively easy.

  • A lot of politics/news vocabulary with more than a pinch of humor.

2. House of Cards, Netflix

#House_of_Cards is an american political thriller series based on the book of Michael Dobbs. House of Cards is to be found on #Netflix so it can practically be streamed anytime. It must be noted that this particular show was surrounded by controversy as for Kevin Spacey playing one of the main characters, although this fact doesn't affect learners of English.

So, if you are interested in politics, finances, the system of justice, journalism and generally feel triggered by the possibility to mentally leave the couch and get teleported to DC being stressed out this show is the ticket!

Political thrillers as a genre attrackts whether strong advocates or uninterested users who would click on the title as it is recommended but click out as soon as they realise there's too much talking... And that's why watching helps improve your English:

  • Vocabulary used reflects what you would hear or watch in the news or might need in a relevant Master's Degree in an English speaking country.

  • Standard american pronunciation

  • Usefull skills for argumentative essays

  • Should you compete in a C2 Level examination of English by ETS or the Univerity of Michigan DO watch!

3. Peaky Blinders, Netflix

Well, Britain should have a word to say when it comes to the English language! This Netflix series is so popular with young people that they almost skip over the distinct British accent. #Peaky_Blinders is set in 1919 poverty-stricken Britain which at that time tried to recover from the Great War. There's practically everything. Gangs, guns, dubious businesses, a perfectly put together setting and extraordinarily well-sewed garments.

As watching audiovisual in English boosts learners' comprehension abilities it certainly also refines mental linking of spoken English and the written presumption of it. So by watching this series you definitely:

  • Improve your pronunciation and train your ears.

  • Encounter ever-green idioms and phrases

  • Get an edge over intonation in British English

With or without subtitles?

It is undoubtedly easier to watch with the aid of subtitles in your own mother language but it is a challenge not to. Watching with subtitles assists your understanding and makes you feel comfortable. It is advisable to drop subs after a while, though. Try subs in English and concequently drop them completely. Learning is a complicated proccess and one should find the golden ratio between playing safe and taking a step further. Watching series in English is an ideal means of advancing English. Why not make the most out of it?

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