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5 Εκφράσεις που λες κάθε μέρα και δεν τις ξέρεις στα Αγγλικά!! Πώς λέμε "καλά να πάθεις" ; Διάβασε το άρθρο και δες τα βίντεο. Φράσεις για να μιλάς σαν native!!

Give sb. the cold shoulder

"Γράφω" κάποιον , τον αποφεύγω

I had called her often enough when I bumped into her by chance. She just gave me the cold shoulder and pretended she was in a hurry.

I waste my breath

Χαλάω το σάλιο μου

Don't waste your breath, he's such a stubborn guy and won't listen to your advice.

And pigs can fly...

Ναι καλα.....

"Trust me, I have a plan! I'm going to become a tycoon one day!" 

"Yeah, right...and  pigs can fly!!" 

It serves you right

Καλά να πάθεις!!

I'm not sorry for him. It serves him right!!

I run errands

Είμαι στο τρέξιμο!!

I've been running errands all morning so I'm about to take some rest now. 

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