How to agree in English! Γραμματική & Ασκήσεις

So do I .... Neither do I ή Nor do I

Προσοχή!! Στα αγγλικά αλλάζουμε την απάντηση μας ανάλογα με τον χρόνο του ρήματος!! Δες τα παραδείγματα : 

"I watched a movie yesterday" , "So did I" in simple past , but

"I will never cut my hair short" , "neither will I" , in simple future.

"I walk through the park everyday" , "so does Mike" , in present simple.

"I am not going to the party tonight" , "neither is she" , in present continuous.

Δοκίμασε πόσο απλό είναι με αυτές τις ασκήσεις:

Συνταγή ξεμπερδέματος:

1. Ελέγχω σε ποιό χρόνο είναι η αρχική πρόταση. (Παρατηρώ βοηθητικά ρήματα, καταλήξεις, λέξεις-κλειδιά)

2. Αναλόγως αλλάζω το so/neither ώστε να συμφωνεί με τον χρόνο μου.

!!**προσέχω να μην έχω αρνητικές προτάσεις με το neither**!! 

Α) Complete the dialog with the right form of so/ neither.

1. Mike: I feel very angry about it.


2. Mike: He isn't going to school tomorrow.


3. Mike: I always brush my teeth before bed.

Ann: sister.

4. Mike: She walks her dog sometimes.


5. Mike: We will be very pleased to meet you.


Β) Choose the suitable response.

1. By this time tomorrow I will have finished the project.

a) So will I

b) neither will I have

c) so will I have

2.  They had eaten breakfast before they left the house.

a) neither had we

b) so had we

c) so did we

3. Next Friday evening the Queen won't be visiting the park.

a) neither won't the princess

b) so will the princess

c) neither will the princess

4. I have never been to Paris.

a) neither haven't I

b) so haven't I

c) neither have I

5. I was listening to music while I was doing the chores.

a) so have I

b) neither wasn't I

c) so was I

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