Life-saving shopping tips for teens! Από παιδιά για παιδιά με καταναλωτική συνείδηση!

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What a wonderful evening to spend with my B1 level class of teens! This week's topic was shopping, shopping sprees, marketing tricks and advertisement. Those tips were written by the class, harsly any edit as self-evident, and are here for you to feel amused and proud!

Αγγλικά Στο Πρώτο Θρανίο με την εφηβική τάξη μας επιπέδου Β1. Οι συμβουλές από εφήβους για εφήβους μετά από σκέψη, συζήτηση και συγγραφή. Τα θαύματα της εξ αποστάσεως εκπαίδευσης ξένων γλωσσών με τις πιο σύγχρονες μεθόδους, στο δικό σου φροντιστήριο!!

Tip1: Be sure that the items are worthy!

You should think about that before going shopping. E.g. If you see some nice sandals but you know that you don't wear sandals, don't buy them even if they are cheap. That doesn't mean that you should buy them.

Tip2: Be careful of pickpockets.

When you are in a big shopping mall be careful of pickpockets. Before going up or down the stairs, check your pockets. If your pockets have zipline you should close it. This will make your belongings more secure. However, you should still be careful.

Tip3: Don't spend your money easily.

You should take care of your money. For example, if you see a nice jacket but you know that you've got many jackets at home, don't buy it. Even if many people do that you should think about your money and when it's a good time to spend it.

Tip4: If it's too expensive, forget it!

If something is too expensive you shouldn't even think about it. You should put limit to how much you spend. If you spend on things you don't necessarily need then you won't have much money left to buy things you do need.

Tip5: Don't get angry if you can't have everything.

You'll ruin the whole day! If you can't have something that doesn't mean that you should get angry. Maybe you can buy it another time. You also ruin the whole day if you're with friends or with your family. It will drive you crazy!

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