Like or dislike? Phrasal verbs για φιλίες και αγάπες!

10 Phrasal Verbs για φιλίες και σχέσεις. Πώς να πεις πως σου αρέσει κάποιος ή σε απωθεί χωρίς να χρησιμοποιείς συνέχεια like & dislike!

hit it off - τα πάω καλά με κάποιον αμέσως

Jack and Jill met last Friday and hit it off right away. They are best friends now!

get on (well) - τα πάω καλά με κάποιον

Me and my sister get on well. We almost never quarrel like other siblings do.

take to sb. - συμπαθώ κάποιον

I met Josh the other day and took to him right from the start. He is so charming and humorous!

take against sb. - αντιπαθώ κάποιον

I wish Mike would like me too. He took against me as I once commented on his hairstyle.

sth. puts me off sb. - κάτι με απωθεί

At first I had really been into her but then she kicked that poor stray dog. That put me off her.

hang out with - κάνω παρέα, βγαίνω με κάποιον

He is hanging out with many girls at the same time. He is definately not to be taken seriously!

fall for sb. - ερωτεύομαι κάποιον

What a story! They fell for each other in college and got married after graduation!

Εκφράσεις της καθομιλουμένης στα Αγγλικά! Πώς λέμε μου το'πε ένα πουλάκι;

fall out over- τσακώνομαι για κάτι

When their father died the siblings fell out over money.

drift apart - απομακρύνομαι, αποξενώνομαι

Mark and Jane both work long hours and hardly ever meet, I am afraid they will drift apart sooner or later.

split up / break up - χωρίζω

After six months they realized they had very little in common and broke up.

make up - τα ξαναφτιάχνω, τα ξαναβρίσκω

John still loves her and does his best to make up with Mary. 

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