Phrasal verbs for B2 Level Μάθε καλά Αγγλικά και πάρε πτυχίο lower!

Τα phrasal verbs μπορεί να είναι μια από τις πιο οδυνηρές  διαδικασίες του να μάθεις Αγγλικά. Εάν θέλεις επιτυχία σε εξετάσεις lower ECCE, FCE ή άλλοΒ2 επιπέδου πιστοποιητικά πρέπει αυτά να τα ξέρεις νερό!! Είναι S.O.S!! 

take off - βγάζω ρούχα, παπούτσια, ξεντύνομαι

Please, take off your shoes before you enter the house!

put on - βάζω ρούχα παπούτσια, αξεσουάρ, ντύνομαι

It's quite cold outside so put on your coat!

take someone out - βγάζω κάποιον έξω, βόλτα

My family took me out for dinner on my birthday.

I take after someone - μοιάζω σε κάποιον

Josh takes after his father. They both have wide shoulders.

I look up to someone  - θαυμάζω κάποιον, θέλω να του μοιάσω

Many students look up to their teachers and try to draw their attention!

take something back - γυρίζω κάτι πίσω , το επιστρέφω

That T-shirt I got for my birthday didn't fit so I had to take it back to the shop.

take up - ξεκινάω κάτι νέο

I would like to take up yoga classes but I am extremely busy in the evenings.

turn on / switch on - ανοίγω, ανάβω

Turn on the lights, I can't see a thing!

turn off / switch off - σβήνω, κλείνω

Turn off the lights, please. The movie is about to begin.

turn up  - δυναμώνω την ένταση

Would you, please, turn up the radio? This programme is very interesting!

turn down  - χαμηλώνω την ένταση

Could you turn down the volume? I can't concentrate on my homework.

break down - σπάω , χαλάω

My car is broken down so I'll just get a taxi.

calm down - ηρεμώ

You don't need to be upset. Calm down so we can talk about what happened.

call off - ακυρώνω

My flight was called off due to bad weather conditions.

catch up with - αναπληρώνω, ενημερώνομαι

I called my friend to catch up with her latest news, since I hadn't talked to her in a while.

bring up - αναθρέφω, μεγαλώνω παιδί

I was brought up in France but I live in Germany. 

come across - συναντώ τυχαία

As I walked down the street I came across an old friend.

get over - ξεπερνάω

She had caught a flu but got over it soon and went back to school.

come up with- φτιάχνω στο μυαλό μου (π.χ. ψέματα, ιστορίες, δικαιολογίες)

She came up with a smart excuse so as not to get in trouble.

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