Teaching writing to teens: Film reviews

Who said teaching writing in English is tedious to both sides? Here's an interactive quiz our student Panagiotis R, 15 has created online.

Care not to teach the text type format solely, dear fellows. After the "boring part" of structuring their ideas in paper, watching out for spelling mishaps, being told they halfway integrated thematic vocabulary and the list goes on, your teen students are over the moon to adapt their work into another, more interactive form of communication.

That's what language is all about, right?

Don't get me wrong. The class went through all neccessary steps of learning how to write a review in an acceptable literary way. This product of adaptation was his reward and, seriously, his homework. Check out our blog sections entitled homework_of_the_week , class_project and quizzes to read about other interactive activities we've created in class or as assigned homework.

So, his quiz is about the movie Home alone and is supposed to be a fun quiz accessible to the world! Give it up!!

Our students' activities are at times not edited by their teachers to serve future revision and self-assessment.

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